Stan Bailin
President & Founder

Stan Bailin has been in the telecom industry since 1975. He started as Executive Vice President and consultant at Phone Check, Inc from its inception. In 1985, he became President of the company. He was an integral part of all consulting projects at Phone Check and participated in many major projects, including landmark renovations for both the New York City Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.

When the telephone industry began to migrate into the digital field, data became an integral part of most systems being installed. Stan responded to these new demands and opened Republic Data Products.

Stan's experience and his clients are very diverse. He has installed Microwave Ethernet Systems for a large manufacturing firm in Monroe, NC. and underground fiber optics for a hospital workers union in New York, NY. He has participated in numerous projects for law firms and brokerage houses. Additionally, he participated in a major project for the City of New York Marriage Licence Bureau, in which he set up a new computer system and network for all 5 boroughs. He has set up networks for manufacturing and distribution companies with satellite offices across the United States. He has also been a long-time consultant and contractor with a major financial firm headquaterted in New York City, who's operations have expanded to include offices around the globe. Stan has been instrumental in setting up the international communications bridges, allowing all branch offices communicate and share valuable information with the headquarters and each other easily and instantaneously.

Stan has participated hands-on in each and every project that RDP has ever taken on. He takes pride in the work of the company and will continue to take peronal responsibility for the success of any activity that RDP participates in.


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