Computer Room Design

The computer room is the heart of any business operation. It is important to allow enough space for the voice and data components as well as ensure a user-friendly environment for maintenance and component replacement.

RDP designs computer rooms with both in mind. The number of cables going to and from your computer room can be in the hundreds, and thus cable management is essential. We can design your space with an overhead ladder tray, keeping the data and voice cables stowed above your head and out of the way or we can utilize a raised floor design which will keep the cables under your feet, but not underfoot.

We can also provide an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed to handle your current and future power requirements.  The UPS provides clean, filtered power to your servers and datacomm components, while preventing power surges and sudden power loss which can damage your most important electronics. Even in the face of a power failure, your machines will continue to run, uninterrupted.


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